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Construction is a $4.6 trillion dollar industry, the second largest industry in the world.

New York state is transforming technology, Changing the way we do business today.

“We all are working together on the journey towards innovation; this is just the beginning.” Kishor Bagul (Chief Technology Officer at New York State)

Making Construction and Architecture More Technical, and More Advanced.

A groundbreaking initiative to provide major incentives for businesses to expand in New York. The Intention is to Create Jobs.

“The government wants to promote more growth for businesses in the state of NY and this is yet another tool.” - Leslie Whatley (Executive VP of StartUp NY)

Chips for phones will be faster, more energy efficient, longer battery and smaller.

"Over 17 billion dollars of public and private investment. 3200 researchers, scientists, engineers, faculty and over 300 corporate partners." - Dean A. Fuleihan (Executive Vice President for Strategic Partnerships, SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering)

You have the oppurtunity for the next few years to be involved with disruptive technologies.

In a few years, self organizing construction will have parts that have radio transmitters in them.

“The gadgets are going to come fast because the transformation to the construction industry is just starting.” - Kenneth K Fisher (Member of the Business Law Department; Co-Host on CUNY-TV)

technology ready now to navigate a person or machine, indoors or out, with precision accuracy.

Revolutionizing the Construction Industry Forever in the near Future Now
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